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Product Liability

United States manufacturers are required by law to ensure product safety before distributing their products to the end consumer. Every year, thousands of victims suffer from serious injuries or illness after manufacturers put profit before consumer safety. From product defects to inadequate warning labels, the negligence of corporate giants has led to catastrophic and even life-threatening personal injury accidents.

Personal Injury

Thousands of people get injured every day in car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian accidents, or many other ways. Unfortunately, many injury victims are instantly put into the hands of the hospital and insurance provider to make their recovery. Depending on the negligence, intent, and the injury severity, you may be entitled to an additional cash settlement for your injury. Victims are represented by attorneys that has recovered over $750 MILLION for personal injury victims.

Medical Malpractice

Each day, thousands of patients receive medical treatment from health professionals. Patients trust that they are receiving the best care possible, and that their healthcare providers are properly trained to operate. Unfortunately, thousands of patients suffer from serious injuries due to the negligence of healthcare professionals and entities that fail to provide safe treatment.